1846 - Treaty of Bear Springs signed by Narbona, Zarcillas Largo, Sandoval and other Navajo Chiefs and Colonel Alexander Domphor of Third Missouri Volunteeers of the U. S. Army.

 1860 - In the spring of the year at Bear Spring, a temporary post, Fort Fauntleroy, was established. Later it was renamed Fort Lyon when General Thomas T. Faunleroy, for whom the Fort was originally named, joined the Confederates.

 1862 - The post was abandoned at the time of the Texan invasion of the territory

 1863 - Used as an express station during the Navajo War

 1868 - The post was reoccupied by troops accompanying the Navajo Indians when they were moved from the Reservation of Fort Sherman, New Mexico. The post was renamed Fort Wingate after the abandonment of an Army post of that name located near the present site of San Rafael, New Mexico. It served as the Agency for the Navajos returning from Fort Sumner for a short time until the Agency was moved to Fort Defiance.

 1882 - From this year and following years Fort Wingate was used as the headquarters and outfitting post for ethnological and archeological expeditions.

 1886 - General Douglas McArthur, During his early childhood, was at Fort Wingate where his father was stationed.

 1910 - 1914 - Post was abandoned and placed in charge of a caretaker.

 1914 - The buildings were temporarily used for housing 4000 Mexican during the Villa Uprising.

 1914 - 1915 - General John J. Pershing used Fort Wingate as a rest post during the Villa Uprising.

 1915 - 1918 - Post was abandoned and placed in charge of a caretaker.

 1918 - Taken over by the Ordnance Department for the storage of high explosive.

 1926 - Charles H. Burke School was founded by the Office of Indian Affairs at Fort Wingate Vocational High School.

 1936 - 1954 - Continual improvement of the educational programs developed to meet the needs of Navajo children.

 1965 - Construction of a new High School and boarding school buildings are built

 1970's - WHS enrollment rises to almost 1000 students

 1975 - WHS is first accredited by the North Central Association.  It is one of the first schools in the area to receive this accreditation.

1980's - Enrollment drops to fewer than 550 Students

1990's - Enrollment begins to climb back over 600.

2000's - Enrollment tops 700 in the fall of 2001.

 2005 - Planning/Design phase begins for new school and residential building.

 2006 - Bureau of Indian Education implements Infinite Campus as the system-wide student information system.

 2008 - Construction finally begins for new school and residential building.

 2009 - New buildings are complete.

 2010 - New building was dedicated and academic classes were moved in.

 2015 - Industrial Arts building renovation is completed.

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