Wingate High Technology Department
Supporting the implementation and integration of technology in the classroom

We have a wide variety of hardware and software in our school to help our students learn and grow in today's ever-changing world.

The majority of workstations are from Dell and have been quite reliable.  Our servers are Dell, the network backbone and the phone system are Cisco based.   The network and desktop operating systems are Microsoft products..

For student information management we use Infinite Campus, the BIE provided solution software.  It has proven to be very reliable and usable both in the administration office and in the classroom.  It is a comprehensive student and curricular management program.  It includes scheduling, attendance, grading, special programs and assesstment tracking.  A key component of the solution is a parent/student Portal access.  This allows parents and students to view and monitor student attendance, grades, and behavior.

In 2000 we began using Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader program.  We have seen improvement in our student's reading level since we began the program.

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